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Character Customization in Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3 you have a lot of options to personalize your character. Through a wide range of customization possibilities, you can create your own unique Vault Hunter. Gearbox Software always designs characters with a lot of character, however, it's always cool if you can show off your own style. To have a character that represents you. In previous Borderlands games, you could customize your Vault Hunter to dubbed extend, with Borderlands 3 the dev team doubled down on this and integrated a lot more features to express yourself.
Borderlands 3 Character Customization
Borderlands 3 Character Customization

Quick Change Station

Just like in previous Borderlands games, you can customize the look of your character at a quick change station. You can find these in the various towns throughout the game and on Sanctuary 3. Quick Change Station lets you choose out of the following options to set your preferences; Heads, Skins, Colors, and Emotes. Then there are also Weapon Skins, Weapon Trinkets, and EchoDevice Skins to further customize your experience.


Skins allow you to change the theme of your character‘s outfit. These apply different styles to the existing outfits that have unique shaders and patterns that can even be animated. However, that’s not where the customization end regarding skins. This brings us to colors.


The skins kinda work like a theme, they have their own pattern. Each of these patterns has a set of colors. A primary color, a secondary color, and an additional supporting tertiary color. In the color settings, you can change these colors to your personal preference. So you might like the design of the blood spatter skin but if you rather have green blood, well you can do that.


Heads allow you to change up the head of your character. These will change the way look by altering your hairstyle or adding different accessories.  That said it’s also possible that the character’s appearance completely changes. There are heads that replace the character’s head for a panda or a horsehead.

Customization Preview


There are a lot of social features in Borderlands 3 and one of them is emoting. Players like to express themselves in video games and you can do so with these gestures. You can wave, laugh, use finger guns, make the heart sign, or do a silly dance. Judging from the menu screen you can equip up to 4 emotes at one time.

Weapon Skins

Global weapons skins, you can find them in-game and they can apply to any weapon. The higher rarity of your weapon is the cooler the skin looks. Once you unlock a weapon’s skin, you can apply it to any gun you come across. It’s not a consumable item and it doesn’t have a limited amount of uses!


Trinkets are like like little flair items that you can hang on your gun. They don’t add boosts to your weapon except for how cool they look. Trinkets can help you with recognizing and manage your inventory. Here are a few examples of trinkets that you can obtain in the game; Buttstallion pigtail, claptrap keychain, key ball, a little skeleton, a miniature helios space station, or handsome Jack’s mask.

Echo Device Skins

The in-game menu in Borderlands 3 is a mobile EchoDevice. This Heads-up-Display (HUD) has the default Borderlands look.  You can also choose different styles for your EchoDevice.  This functionality hasn’t been shown off to the public as far as I know. I think that we will see brand loyalty rewards integration here. That when you complete specific challenges, you will be rewarded with for example a Hyperion theme for your EchoDevice.

I want to take full credit for this feature :p Back in the Borderlands 2 days, I created wallpapers that looked like the in-game skill trees. After making one for each Vault Hunter I started making a few manufacturers specific designs. You can find them on my DeviantArt, I haven’t uploaded all the old wallpapers to my site (yet).

VIP Rewards

If you signed up for the Borderlands Vault Insider Program and earned enough points. Then you can redeem customization items on the official Borderlands website. These season rewards are exclusive to the site. You don’t have to worry about that specific items will disappearing from the rewards page.

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