Claptrap in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel


The Story


ClapTrap the Fragtrap

Claptrap is the fourth playable character in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, in the previous games claptrap was a NPC and a quest giver, now he is a Vault Hunter. When this newest installment of the Borderlands franchise was in development Mister Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, simply wanted to play as Claptrap in his new game. At first the rest of the team didn’t find it that good of an idea, but some good ideas come up and now he is a playable vault hunter. The story behind Claptrap is that he didn’t have a choice to join the battle like the other vault hunters, he was simple programed to help out. Yes (Handsome) Jack, who still is a little code monkey in The Pre-Sequel, inserted some new subroutines into this hyperion robot.

Claptrap’s Actionskill

Claptrap’s actionskill is “vaulthunter.exe” it’s a malware inserted into claptrap’s programming, it let’s him activate a action package. As the software analyzes the battlefield it determines the best possible solution… oke not really, hey it’s claptrap after all. You get a random action pack and these  can be actionskills of other vault hunters across the whole series. But he also has some new and crazy packs to choose from during your skilltree. The 3 skilltrees for claptrap are ‘Boomtrap’ , ‘I Love You Guys’ & ‘Fragmented Fragtrap’.

This is Claptrap’s explosive skilltree where you can focus on explosive damage instead of the other elemental types. Action package ‘Torgue Fiesta’ & ‘Pirateship Mode’ can be unlocked in this tree. The first one will be free grenades for everyone where claptrap can’t stop throwing frags. The second action package will turn claptrap into a pirate ship and shoot with huge cannons.

I Love You Guys
This is claptrap’s co-op skilltree, with as capstone ‘High Fives Guys’. If you active this, claptrap will stick out his hand and ask for a high five, when he gets it, claptrap and the other player will get multiple buffs. When no one gives claptrap a high five, he keeps the buffs for himself. Action package ‘Clap in the Box’ & ‘Gun Wizard’ can be unlocked in this skilltree. The first action package will give claptrap a bomb in his hands and he needs to blow up something or else only he goes down. The Gun wizard action package will give everyone increased fire rate and reload speed.

Fragmented Fragtrap
Forces you to chances weapons, claptrap will choose a random weapon type and that one will get high damage buffs, while other weapons won’t be doing that good. Action package “one shot wonder” & “Laser Inferno” can be unlocked in this tree. The first one being a one shot one kill actionskill and the second one is a disco ball that shoots lasers.

Are you excited to play as the Fragtrap, try out Claptrap’s skilltree calculator.


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