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Claptastic Voyage Campaign Add-on

borderlands claptastic voyage - campaign add-on
borderlands claptastic voyage - campaign add-on

Gearbox Software shows of the fourth  dlc for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel at PaxEast 2015.  The  campaign add-on takes places after the Pre-Sequel and leads a bit to Borderlands 2. With Claptastic Voyage  campaign  Handsome Jack discovered that Tassiter  had a piece of powerful software. Tassiter hidden it in a place where no one would find it. That hiding place is  in Claptraps software. So Jack calls out to his vault hunters and digitizes  them into claptraps software. So  we go inside the mind of Claptrap in search of  the mysterious “H-Source” code and along the ride we also discover claptrap’s hopes, dreams, fears & stupidity . Make new friends and meetup with fan favorites like Tannis & Dr.Zed.

New Content

Claptastic Voyage Campaign Add-on contains new content with bizarre locations, crazy new enemies and there is new gear. This new loot is Glitched Gear it’s a new weapon rarity. These gear  run binary code skin on them. The red text on the gun card is a error code that is also written in binary code this will tell you what secret ability is of the weapon. For example a SMG’s can glitch out and start shooting as a shotgun. There is a overload glitch your gun will start shooting slowly and  will knock you back, but will be very powerful. So what normally would be a game bug is now a feature in a weapon.

Claptrap’s DLC will include a Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack. The level cap will increase by another 10. Together with the first Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack you can spec out your character to Level 70 !!!  Making it possible to obtain  all three capstones from your vault hunter’s  skill trees. (Respec costs are up by 400%)

“Claptastic Voyage features a new customizable arena that lets you choose your own gravity settings, enemy difficulty, and more.”

Claptastic Voyage  will be available on the same day that Borderlands the Handsome Collection comes out.  March 24, 2015. Claptastic Voyage will be included with BorderlandHC.


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Claptastic Trailer

Borderlands the Pre Sequel Claptastic Voyage

Claptastic  Gamplay

Go Mental in Claptrap's Mind - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage
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