Crazy Earl will let you Re-roll Anointements in Borderlands 3

Crazy Earl's Re-Roll Machine - Borderlands 3
Crazy Earl's Re-Roll Machine - Borderlands 3

Reroll Anoints in Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software is adding a new machine to Borderlands 3 that lets you reroll the anointments on a specific piece of gear. This new feature will be added to the game through a free update that comes alongside the Director’s Cut that releases on April 8.

You can find Crazy Earl in the Cargo Bay of Sanctuary III. The Reroll contraption will be sitting next to the Veteran’s Reward machine. You will need 250 Eridium to reroll the anoint. Once you rerolled the anoint there is no takesy backsies.

Anointments are a big deal for your end-game build in Borderlands 3. Farming a specific weapon with the right anointment can be a time-consuming tore. With Crazy Earl’s contraption, you will be able to replace the existing anointment on a piece of gear and reroll for one that aimed at your build.

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