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Crazy Earl’s backdoor deals EXPOSED!!! – Borderlands 3

In previous Borderlands games, Crazy Earl always sold storage deck upgrades with his black market deals. However, those upgrades are now being sold by Marcus. This left you and me with the big question, what does Crazy Earl sell in Borderlands 3? 

Crazy Earl’s store

In Borderlands 3, Crazy Earl is selling you exclusive cosmetic items. I managed to acquire this information during the FL4K reveal event that 2K invited me to. Crazy Earl, who is voiced by Randy Pitchford, still wants all your Eridium. With this rare currency, you can buy various items to customize your Vault Hunter to your heart’s desire.

Crazy Earl’s Inventory

  • Heads
  • Skins
    • Changes the textures of your characters outfit. These can have animated effects. For example, there is a skin that has a lightning effect going on.
  • Emotes
    • These are short animated gestures like waving, finger guns, and many other things.
  • Echo Themes
    • These will change up the way your portable echo device will look. They won’t change the colors of your HUD. I would have loved to see a Maliwan themed interface. But I can understand that UI and UX is a hard thing to nail.
  • Trinkets
    • These are like a little keychain that you can hang on the side of your gun. They are in your field of view when you are in the first-person mode. The trinkets have some physics to them, so when you move around you can see them wiggle.
  • Weapon skins
    • These will change the way your weapons will look. Weapon skins can also have an animated effect. For example, there is a skin that has a lightning effect going on.
  • Room Decorations
    • Here you can obtain various (goofy) items to decorate your room.

Quick change station

You can customize your character at a quick change station. Here you can alter your characters name, head, skin, color pallet, emotes, echoskin, and reset your skill tree.

Gun customization

You can add trinkets to your weapons in your menu screen. Go to your backpack inventory. When you have a weapon in your quick select slots, you can add a trinket by filling up the square slot on the left of the quick select slots. I assume you can also switch your weapons skins here. However, I didn’t have the chance to check this out because the 2K staff wanted me to continue to the next demo.

Other cosmetic items

Crazy Earl’s store isn’t the only way to get cool cosmetic items. During my play session, I also got exclusive heads as mission rewards. Borderlands 3 creative director, Paul Sage, mentioned that you can receive skins for completing crew challenges and earning loyalty rewards.

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