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Cross-Save in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cross-Save
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cross-Save

Borderlands the Handsome Collection is coming and will hit store shelves on March 24 in North America and March 27 internationally. The Handsome Collection features Borderlands 2 & Borderlands the Pre-Sequel including all their downloadable content.

Initially, the Pre-Sequel wouldn’t make its way to the Playstation 4 & Xbox One, so you had to get it on the previous consoles. For the gamers who had purchased the game on those platforms and want to upgrade to the new systems and wants to keep their progress, Gearbox software introduces a cross-save function.

This way you will be able to transfer your save game containing your progress, loot & badass rank over to the next generation.

With the release of Borderlands the Handsome collection there will be a patch that will include the cross-save functionality.  Download the patch and make sure both versions of the game are up to date and running the latest patch.

Upgrade steps

  1. Download patches
  2. Upload your PS3 or X360 save using the Cross-Save function in the main menu. “Cross Save” (PlayStation consoles) or “Cloud Save” (Xbox consoles).
  3. Download the Cross-Save/Cloud Save  from the main menu of the PS4 / Xbox One Handsome Collection

IMPORTANT: Only one save may be uploaded at a time. If you have multiple saves to transfer, upload one save, then download it in the Handsome Collection, then repeat the process for successive saves.

Please note:

  • The Xbox family of systems can only move saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and not the other way around.
  • The PlayStation family of systems can upload/download saves from any system to any other PlayStation system.  Think of PS3 / PS4 / PSV as a triangle, and saves can move in any direction (Vita saves are only applicable to BL2 and not BLTPS).
  • Uploading a save does not remove it from the original system, it only creates a copy of the save on the network.
  • Players will need the day 1 patch for the Handsome Collection in order to download saves.
  • Players will also need the most recent patch installed for PS3 / Xbox 360 in order to upload saves.

Transfer data

  • Character level and all mission progress
  • Badass Points (all of these will transfer, but you’ll get to re-spend them)
  • Backpack inventory
  • Weapon slots
  • Cash and Eridium/Moonstones
  • All unlocked character customizations (heads/skins) ***note that customizations obtained from Telltale’s Poker Night 2 will be added in a patch following launch***
  • Items stored in the bank in Sanctuary

Note:  items stored in Claptrap’s Secret Stash in Borderlands 2 will NOT transfer along with your save, so be sure to move anything you can’t live without to the bank.

Trophies and Achievements will also not transfer over and will need to be re-earned.

Loyalty reward

Your Golden Key balance will also not transfer. However, as a reward for playing Borderlands 2 and/or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, all players will receive the following bonuses upon signing into SHiFT in The Handsome Collection for the first time:

Borderlands 2

  • 75 Golden Keys
  • A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
  • Bonus character customizations

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • 75 Golden Keys
  • A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
  • Bonus unique weapons and character customizations

Note: These bonus Badass points can only be earned once and are redeemed instantly upon entering the game. We recommend using the Cross/Cloud Save functionality prior to starting a game in The Handsome Collection to transfer over your account’s Badass Rank. This will ensure that bonus Rank is awarded in addition to existing Badass Rank.

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