Discover the (not so) tranquil planet, Athenas – Borderlands 3

A misty, tranquil planet that has recently attracted the wrong kind of attention. Athenas is mostly uninhabited, save for a sect of monks known as the Order of the Impending Storm who have made their home in the high peaks of the mountains. What secrets do they guard here, inside ancient walls that were built long before humans set foot on Athenas?

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In Borderlands 2 we learned that Athenas is the home planet of Maya. This planet is ruled by a monastic order known as the “Order of the Impending Storm”. At an early age, it was discovered that Maya is a Siren. Since she was left with the Order as an infant, they raised her to control an manipulate the populace. The order took advantage of her Siren capabilities. However, when Maya was ordered to execute her caretaker she realized the Order was up to no good and took manners into her own hands. Maya left Athenas to find answers on Pandora. After the events of Borderlands 2, Maya has returned to Athenas to learn more about Sirens and even has an apprentice, Ava.

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