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Dreamstones in Godfall Overhauled and Enhanced with new Mechanics

Godfall Dreamstones 2.0
Godfall Dreamstones 2.0

With the Primal Update, Counterplay Games revamp the Dreamstones by introducing the concept of Stability and Lucidity. You can earn this by completing objectives in missions. With this, they want to give you more control over the loot that you’re earning. Because you can spend Lucidity to shape your Dreamstone rewards. Also, you can keep playing a Dreamstone as long as your Stability stays above 0.

Dreamstones 2.0

There will be a greater variety in the Dreamstones that you play. On top of that, these will also be cheaper to play as the electrum costs for Dreamstones have been reduced. Then there are Volatile Dreamstones. These are one-time-use Dreamstones that you can obtain inside Dreamstones. Volatile Dreamstones can be Rare, Epic, or Legendary, and have 1-3 random positive modifiers.

The Final Bosses that you encounter in Dreamstones now no longer have any modifiers. This way you will no longer run into the issue that your build is utterly useless against a Final Boss. To compensate for this, Counterplay Games has removed the Boons from the Dreamstones.

Dreamstones 2.0 Features

  • Dreamstones have been overhauled, introducing the concept of Stability and Lucidity
  • Infinite Rounds: A Dreamstone run can continue as long as Stability stays above 0
  • Boss Actions: The Dreamstone Boss takes actions after each round, reducing Stability, increasing Dreamstone Level, or adding a Bane to the Dreamstone run
  • Objectives Matter: Each objective completed inside a mission will reward the player with Stability and Lucidity
  • Dreamshaping: Players can spend Lucidity to shape their Dreamstone rewards
  • Volatile Dreamstones: Volatile Dreamstones are one-time-use Dreamstones that can be found as rewards inside Dreamstones. They can be Rare, Epic, or Legendary, and have 1-3 random positive modifiers
  • Electrum demands have been reduced
    • All Exalted Dreamstones cost 15,000 Electrum to enter (Previously, up to 30,000)
    • In Normal Dreamstones, completing one activity will add an Electrum reward to the Final Boss Mission. This reward is greater than the entry fee.
    • In Normal Dreamstones, completing a second activity will add a Volatile Dreamstone reward to the Final Boss Mission.
    • Volatile Dreamstones are free to enter, but are used up on entry
    • Volatile Dreamstones can reward the player with two additional Volatile Dreamstones, allowing players to infinitely chain Volatile Dreamstones without spending Electrum
  • Final Bosses no longer have modifiers
    • Players will no longer find their build completely useless against a Final Boss
    • Boons have been removed from Dreamstones to compensate
  • The Final Boss can be challenged in any round
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