ECHOcast Overload Event in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Echocast Overload
Borderlands 3 Echocast Overload

In celebration of the upcoming Borderlands 3 anniversary, Gearbox Software is rolling out a series of mini-events for the game. This week you can enjoy ‘ECHOcast Overload’. During this event, you have a 99.9% chance of winning the rare chest events while watching a Borderlands 3 twitch stream. The only thing holding you back from not winning is you or the internet for just being stupid.

ECHOcast Overload

  • Starts: 9 AM PT July 30
  • Ends: 8:59 AM PT August 6
  • Event: Guaranteed winning Rare Chest Events on Twitch


When viewing Borderlands 3 on twitch you can install the ECHOcast twitch extension. This lets you check out the streamer’s loadout, inventory, and skill tree. But this also enables you to participate in in-game events. Make sure you have your SHiFT account linked with the extension this makes it possible for you to get rewards sent to your in-game mailbox.


When you win a rare chest event, you can select 1 of the items from the chest. This item will be sent to you through the power of the internet (and your linked SHiFT account). The item in question will remain there for 356 days. I don’t know if there will be another level cap increase but the items in your mailbox will scale to your character’s level. So if the LVL 20 streamer gifts you that “AWESOME GUN X” and your character level is 69 you will receive the item on LVL69.

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  1. GigaLogic

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data Got my stream chat a couple of Lightshows (one a sntnl 100) and decent brightside…

  2. IdiotJank

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data Nope cause i dont watch streams real nice that everyone else gets free shit for w…

  3. YZ Flyin

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data I think I got fifty dakotas yesterday from @Lazy_Data 😎🤩

  4. #14: Correa

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data Did someone say Dakotas? My kingdom for some Dakotas

  5. Salvador Carmona

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data I also got some nice Dakota’s from @Lazy_Data’s stream and some good stuff from @dammit2h3ll stream.

  6. Wesley Moore

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data URAD cryo Complex Root! 🤤

  7. Joe

    @Ki11ersix @Lazy_Data I entered a chest event the other day, chest had a Harold in it, could’ve sworn I…


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