Edgar Ramirez Cast as Atlas CEO in Borderlands Movie

Edgar Ramirez Cast as Atlas CEO in Borderlands Movie
Edgar Ramirez Cast as Atlas CEO in Borderlands Movie

Edgar Ramirez will be playing ‘Deukalian Atlas’, the Founder and CEO of the Atlas Corporation in the upcoming Borderlands Movie. Edgar Ramirez has been nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for Best Actor back in 2015.

What an incredible honor to have an actor of Edgar’s caliber, talent, and charisma playing opposite Cate Blanchett and this remarkable cast,Atlas has to be a truly magnetic personality, someone with charisma and charm but that air of menace underneath it all. I’ve been a fan of Edgar’s since his early performances and he continues to amaze me with each dramatic turn. We want to create something wild, fun, and very different from anything they’ve seen from Edgar before. I am so, so excited to work with him.

Eli Roth, Director Borderlands Movie

Personally, I have only seen “Edgar’s” movie The Bourne Ultimatum, where he played a CIA assassin. But it’s interesting to see how they dive into the origin story of Atlas. Have they already found the first Vault and reversed engineered the alien technology or will this movie start with the rise to power of the Atlas Corporation? In the first Borderlands game, Atlas was already established and came to a fall in that game. But since the movie is already using characters from the second game, I’m curious which direction they are going with this.

The force of Edgar’s presence and the strength of his talent as an actor make him an ideal choice to play Atlas, a character who controls the fate of so many in the Borderlands universe. He’s the perfect addition to this perfect cast

Nathan Kahane, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group.
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