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Emet the New Evolve Medic Class Hunter Announced

emet medic class hunter - Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios announced a new playable character for Evolve. Emet is the new Medic class Hunter that’s part of Hunting Season 2 which also includes.

  • Gorgon (Monster)
  • Lennox (Assault Class Hunter)
  • Jack (Trapper Class Hunter)
  • Unannounced Support Class Hunter

Emet Teaser

Emet is an repurposed medical drone that’s made ready for battle. Besides having your helpful healing set, this drone carries a explosive arsenal.

Replay Cannon – Emet fires an explosive dart that tags a target and rapidly fires several homing missiles at it’s location.

Healing Buoys –  Emet can deploy  a buoy  on the battlefield that  regenerates nearby allies.

Respawn Beacon –  This teleports fallen hunters  directly from the dropship to the beacon and reducing their respawn time to a mere 30 seconds.

Emet Livestream Gameplay

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