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The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

EVOLVE Documentary
Host of The Evolution of Evolve Documentary; Adam Sessler
Adam Sessler

An Evolve Documentary series about the intensive process of Turtle Rock Studios in creating their next video game. Adam Sessler will host this  Evolve Documentary and he will take a deep dive look at the studio’s development process for Evolve. 

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary is a five-part series that looks into the development and design of the multi-award-winning game from the creators of Left 4 Dead.

What started out as a simple idea evolved into a rich en diverse video game.

Episode #1 – Asymmetric Multiplayer Design & Big Alpha

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

Adam Sessler introduces himself and the game and tells how he was able to sit down with the developers. He wonders how this asymmetrical game style was created and how you balance around that.

If the balance between 4 versus 1 wasn’t challenging enough, there are different hunters and monsters.

What are you looking to learn from the Big Alpha?

What tips do you have for the players jumping into the Big Alpha?

Episode #2 – The Iterative Process of Turtle Rock Studios

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

Adam Sessler asks how you evolve EVOLVE. Did the Developers foresee what the game would become?

How do you develop the various hunters and determine their abilities?

How did the monsters evolve during development?

How did you establish the iconic Goliath?

What changed during the development of the game and how did the game go from 1st person to 3rd person?

Episode #3 – Creating a Hunter

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

How do the classes work in Evolve and what does it take to bring down a Goliath?

How do you determine each character’s kit and how did their personalities influence their abilities?

When did you come up with the additional perks?

Episode #4 – The Planet Shear

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

The alien world in Evolve has to account for lots of variables, hiding, fighting, and wildlife. How do you account for that?

How did Turtle Rock Studios nail down the aesthetics of the environment?

How did you approach the narrative with this design of this planet?

Episode #5 – Creating a Monster

The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

The signature things of Evolve are the monsters, how do you approach that?

How did the monsters evolve over the course of the development process?

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