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Evolve Game Modes Explained

Evolve game modes

Yesterday i brought you the Evolve Story Trailer, today i can tell you more about the Evolve Game Modes and how this Evacuation mode is going to work.  Evacuation is game mode has 5 rounds to complete, every round is one day on the planet Shear as it’s being evacuated.


Evolve Tutorial Evacuation


The first round is always Hunt on a random map. Hunt is the game mode we got to play during the BIG ALPHA, 4 Hunters and 1 Monster duking it out. The hunters  need to work together to track down the monster and take him out to win the match.  Each hunter has a specific role and character class; assault, medic, trapper and support. The Monster needs to feed from the wildlife and evolve to stage 3. When the monster reaches this stage it’s more likely to take on the hunters. But as the monster you can also choose to destroy a map specific objective, taking out the hunters or the objective will ensure victory.

Evolve Tutorial Hunt

As the first round ends the next battle will take place on one of the two adjoining territories and the players can vote which way they want to go and what game mode they would like to play. The other game modes are.


The basic roles are the same in Nest Mode, but this time around the Hunters will also need to track down several eggs before they hatch. As the Monster you can hatch these eggs and a stage 1 Goliath will join you in battle. If all eggs and minions have been destroyed the Hunters win, but they can also just take down the main monster.

Evolve Tutorial Nest


With Rescue the Hunters need to find the last surviving colonist throughout the area. As these colonists are revived they need to be escorted to a launchpad for extraction.

Evolve Tutorial Rescue

After carving through 4 matches, it’s time for the final showdown in Defend.


This is the last stand, the final battle, will the hunters survive the evacuation ? The hunters must protect the fueling depot that’s filling up the spaceship that’s ready for take off. If you play as the monster you will get a horde of minions by your side to take down the depot. It’s almost MOBA gameplay.

Evolve Tutorial Defend


These are the Evolve game modes but here’s the twist, at the end of every round there’s an campaign affect on the next round in favor of the winning team. This changes the way the next map is being played and might even determine your choice for which map to pick next. For example if the hunters win on the map ‘Dam’, the workings can power up the Perimeter Fences. This will reduce the map size of the neighboring maps into half sized portions, creating an interesting advantage for the Hunters.

Evolve evacuation infographic

Evolve evacuation infographic


As you can see from the infographic other outcome examples are:

  • Hunters win – Map gets Armored Turrets
  • Hunters win – Stronger survivors
  • Monster wins – increased wildlife
  • Monster wins – ai goliath companion
  • Monster wins – next map will have toxic fields
  • Monster wins – stronger minions


According to Turtle Rock Studio’s calculations there are 800,000 possible paths to play, giving you a lot of replay value. Looking forward to Evacuation or the other Evolve Game modes ? Well the game is currently planned for a Feb.2015 release. If you can’t wait that long a open beta will be held on Xbox One.

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