Evolve – Goliath Voodoo Challenge

Evolve - Goliath Challenge Reward
Evolve - Goliath Challenge Reward

Challenge accomplished , collect your reward!

Last week the Behemoth released, but this week you will be able to earn a new skin. Get ready for some  Goliath gameplay because this weeks reward is the  Goliath Voodoo Skin. In order to  obtain this reward you will need to play Evolve during this weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, April 10 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, April 13. The challenge is  to land 1,000,000 successful rock throws on Hunters with Goliath. If the  community is able to reach this goal, everyone who participated during this weekend will be granted a the Goliath Voodoo skin free of charge.

The Goliath Voodoo skin will be rewarded by Thursday April 16.

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