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Evolve Patch 2.3.8 PC & 2.0.8 CONSOLES

Evolve Logo Wallpaper
Evolve Logo Wallpaper

A new update just rolled out Patch 2.3.8 for PC and Micro Patch 2.0.8 Consoles, these contain the following tweaks and balance update for Evolve.

Check out the details below for the full breakdown on what’s included.


  • General fixes for AI map traversal



  • Kraken will now descend when hit with a tranq, dart, or harpoon even when using abilities.


  •  More fixes to holes in Rock Wall
  •  Fixed a crash when using Tongue Grab
  •  Fixed a server crash when using Fissure



  •  Knockbacks and Tumbles
  •  Added a cap to knockback velocity
  • Added a hard cap to how long you can be “locked down” and set it at .75 seconds.
  •  After this time is up the player will regain the ability to jetpack, use abilities and shoot thought they still may be affected by any momentum caused by the intital knockback or tumber. (Hint: Jetpack Dodging will correct the momentum velocity)
  • The player will regain full control when the knockback velocity matches or is less than the base speed of the Hunter.
  •  Changed the way in which the momentum and velocity is applied to the Hunters when a knockback or tumble is applied.
  •  It should be far harder for the Monster to “juggle” the player as the direction is now not the same direction that the attack came from but is now calculated by the direction of the attack and the direction the Hunter is moving.


  •  Fixed Damage Amps Aim functionality




  • Fixed the Quick Reload Perk and Elite Wildlife Buff to reduce the time to reload rather than increase it 🙁
  • Jetpack fuel is no longer used when airborne and moving a direction but not thrusting (previously used 1.5% per second.) This fixes Hunter burning jetpack fuel while in a knockdown state.
  • Jetpack fuel recharges at 7% per second (was 7.5% oer second.) Essentially takes ~1 second longer to fully recharge from empty to compensate so that Hunters cover the same amount of distance in the same amount time.


  •  Arc Mines damage increase to 550 from 500


  •  Mortar Cannon reload time increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds


  •  Heal Burst recharge time reduced to 20 seconds from 22
  •  Tranquilizer duration reduced to 8 seconds from 10 seconds


  • Leech Gun accuracy is no dynamic like Abe’s shotgun. Works at long range if you slow your fire rate.
  •  Heal Burst effectiveness on incapped players increased to 302 health from 275
  • Heal Burst effectiveness on alive players increased to 220 health from 200
  • Heal Burst effectiveness on himself increased to 192 health from 175



  • Reduced health at Stage 2 and 3
    •  Stage 2 Health now 11500 was 12000
    •  Stage 3 Health now 16000 was 17000


  • Reduced the movement speed reduction when Harpooned while in a roll to 25%. Was 50%.
  • Stamina use during the roll has been reduced to 6% per second from 6.5% per second
  • Initial Stamina user when activating the roll has been reduced to 10% from 15%


  • Reduced Warp Blast’s Radius
    • Level 1 is now 6 meters from 6.5
    •  Level 2 is 7.8 meters from 8.5
    •  Level 3 is 10 meters from 11



  • Monster Climb Speed increased to 75% from 50%



  • Max Glide Speed while Tranqed or in Stasis reduced to 8 from 9
  •  Gravity while Tranqed increased to 7 from 6
  • Gravity while in Stasis increased to 8 from 7
  • The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Griffin while Harpooned has been increased to 12 from 10
  • The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Harpoon traps has been increased to 1.5 from 1. (This stacks so four traps would pull Kraken towards them at a rate of 6)
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