Evolve Stage 2 Patch 2.11

Evolve Stage 2 Patch
Evolve Stage 2 Patch

Update 2.10 – Behemoth is Back

  • Quick run down of his changes below:
    • New Passive: Living Fortress
      • Behemoth will gain stacks of damage resistance after a certain damage threshold.
      • Each stack lasts for a short time. The main goal of this is to block burst damage during combat.
      • As Behemoth gains stacks, his armor will start glowing brighter to inform players he is taking less damage.
      • Current tuning:
        • +75 Direct Damage to apply a stack.
        • 4% Damage Reduction applied per stack.
        • Stacks will expire after 4 seconds.
        • Stacks max out at 10.
    • Traversal: Rocky Roll
      • Maneuverability has been increased dramatically to give Bob more control.
      • No longer blocked by wildlife.
      • Can quickly change directions while in the roll.
      • Gravity has also been increased while inside the roll.
      • No longer grants 50% damage reduction while inside the roll.
    • Rockwall
      • The ability has undergone a complete code refactor to assure it will properly work when cast near Hunters.
      • Slabs will always spawn at the cursor’s location when casted.
      • Minimum cast range was decreased to allow closer casts of the Rockwall.
    • Fissure
      • Improved consistency when cast near cliffs and hills.
    • Lavabomb
      • Behemoth is now able to aim the ability until it is casted.
        • (Similar to how Goliath can aim rock throw)
    • Tongue Grab
      • Improved overall consistency with the ability.
      • Targets within the visual effect will be grabbed unless a major portion of the target is blocked by geometry.
      • Visual effect will light up when a viable target is inside the effect radius.
      • Keep in mind Tongue grab has a travel time.

Tutorials are now mandatory again

  • If you have not played a tutorial, this is now forced before playing a multiplayer match.
    • Note: If you have not played a Co-op vs AI match there is now a 3,000 Silver Key reward for completing one match in Co-op vs AI.

Store Content (all live today)

  • Weapon Skins
    • Lennox Gold
    • E.M.E.T. Gold
    • Crow Gold
    • Kala Gold
  • Monster Skins
    • Behemoth Gold
    • Behemoth Blood Rock
    • Behemoth Sandstone

Balance Updates

All Monsters now gain energy when dealing damage to Hunters

  • After 3000 damage dealt to Hunters, a Monster will gain 1 bar of Evolve energy.
    • This only works when dealing damage to Hunters.
    • Armor is not gained when the energy is gained.


  • Autocannon
    • Travel speed increased to 240 from 120
    • Explosion radius increased to 3 meters from 2.5 meters


  • Rocket Launcher
    • Damage reduced to 83 from 90


  • Stasis Grenade
    • Slow reduced to 45% from 50%
    • Radius reduced to 14 meters from 17 meters
    • Reduced to 13 seconds from 15 seconds


  • Teleporter
    • Toss distance increased to 10 meters from 7 meters
    • Health increased to 150 from 70
    • Activation radius increased to 1.8 meters from 1.3 meters


  • Turret toss distance increased to 10 meters from 7 meters


  • Damage Amp
    • Capacity reduced to 315 energy from 350 energy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong loading screen would display for specific characters.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with Goliath’s Leap Smash indicator not properly displaying the correct size.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a preferred role would give the user a random role in Arcade matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters can shoot through Behemoth Rock Wall.
  • Fixed Random Role Preference not actually being random.
  • Added Wraith’s missing image to the Deploy screen and Versus screen in co-op matches.
  • Accolades have been re-sorted.
  • Paladin Parnell’s Rocket Launcher now plays an explosion sound in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the incorrect mode being displayed in lobby when joining on a friend.
  • Fixed an issue where AI Wraith would not use abilities for long periods of time.
  • Loading screen will no longer show Goliath while it’s loading the selected character’s loading screen.
  • Bucketfall weapon skin preview has been added.
  • Text fixes and character ability clarification and consistency fixes.
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