Evolve’s third monster revealed, the Wraith

Evolve wraith
Evolve wraith

Turtle Rock Studios unveiled their third monster that will be available in Evolve. The Wraith is a assassin type of monster as it moves quickly and sneaky around the battlefield. As the Goliath is the fighter character with a strong armor and the Kraken is the Wizard character with unique abilities. The Wraith is doesn’t have the armor and strength of the other monsters and is therefore the weakest monster in the game. It does however had some great movement skills ill will talk about in a bit.

Evolve Wraith teaser

Evolve Wraith teaser

Earlier Turtle Rock Studios teased with a little sneak peek in the evacuation trailer. In that trailer was a brief moment that the Wraith was visible and used one of her abilities. As she blinks in and out attacking one of the hunters. Today Turtle Rock Studios released a new cinematic trailer showcasing their 3rd monster. Not only does it look good and entertaining as the trailer continues you can spot some of her skills

Wraith Abilities

Warp Blast
Allows her to travel almost instantly to a target, hunter or wildlife and create an explosion on arrival, dealing instant damage.

This ability creates a dangerous clone of the Wraith that will attack anything in her path. By activating this skill the real monster becomes invisible and is able to make a brilliant escape or even better plan out the next step in battle.

The Wraith will travels a large distances and grabs her target and returns to her original location. This Abduction takes place within the blink of an eye and will single out the hunters.

This will create a large arena for Wraith to fight in. Within this area the Wraith becomes a beast and will cut down just about anything in their path.

Wraith Screenshots

Wraith Gameplay

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