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First Wonderlands Redux Details Revealed

Wonderlands Redux
Wonderlands Redux

Randy Pitchford was telling the truth that new Wonderlands experiences are in development, however, this unique experience isn’t coming from the studio itself. Wonderlands Redux is a highly anticipated fan project that aims to entertain the community in new ways. I was able to sit down with EPICNNG and talk about some of the glory that’s at hand.

Exclusive Interview

MM: What is Wonderlands Redux and what were some of your main goals?

EPICNNG: Wonderlands Redux I think can be best described as an overhaul. I think a lot of people back in February of 2021 expected the predecessor “Borderlands 3 Redux” to be just another mod, and through our extended efforts in not only marketing, but greater vision overall, realized that it was something far larger than that.

When we started working on Wonderlands Redux all the way back in April of 2022, we kept it a tight secret as we really wanted to knuckle down and focus on making something which people would look at and say.. “Wow, they’ve SERIOUSLY stepped up their game this time.” – We didn’t just want to make an overhaul anymore, we wanted to make our own game.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Screenshot

MM: You mention Wonderlands Redux is an overhaul but also the desire to create your own game. Are missions getting remixed or can we expect completely new quests?

EPICNNG: Good question! I don’t think you’ll be going around picking up new quests from NPCs, though there will definitely be “unofficial” quests/tasks for you to go and track down, should you choose to do so.

Borderlands 3 Redux kicked off a side story with the Legacy update, and we’ll be continuing it in Wonderlands Redux.

MM: A common feeling in the community is that the End Game in Wonderlands is lacking. How are you going to spice up things?

EPICNNG: Endgame is something that to us, is sort of built up like a burger. It must consist of that bottom bun, containing the bare minimum to support the experience, and then as many toppings as you’d like, to make it taste even better… A weird analogy, but it’s one I personally keep in the back of my head when developing these new pieces.

Of course, this doesn’t have to consist of just endgame activities, as obviously the journey there can also have a major impact on the overall experience. For example, how you obtain loot, or how you should choose to prepare for that challenge when it finally arrives.

Like Borderlands 3 Redux, I’m sure players are expecting some big, nasty looking enemies to go and hunt… That has some truth to it… Though, it doesn’t mean we’ll solely be focusing on just that area however, as even base game activities will be getting some love too. We really want to build a world where there is always something to kill, farm, or uncover 😉

MM: Will there be pineapple or pickles on the burger?

EPICNNG: I… No comment.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Screenshot with Loot

MM: You got your big nasty enemies but what about the rewards are there any exciting changes there, maybe pearls?

EPICNNG: I was initially gonna stay quiet on this one, but I think it’d be a horribly kept secret to pretend like we aren’t bringing back pearls. What I will say however, is that we’ve listened to a lot of feedback based on prior implementations, and we’re excited to show people how we’ve evolved the rarity to a new level.

MM: What is the most shocking change that will stir up things?

EPICNNG: The most SHOCKING? hahaha. I think players are gonna have to let the features battle it out to see which one is king… Though I will say, I think Redux plays TOTALLY different to any Borderlands game in the franchise. It’s truly a spectacle. I’ll let people decipher what I mean by that.

MM: When is Redux coming to Wonderland and how can I play it?

EPICNNG: The release date has probably been the most asked question regarding Wonderlands Redux so far… Unfortunately, I can’t tell people when it may spring upon them, though I will say… It’ll be worth the wait 🙂

As for how you can play it, the mod will be available exclusively on PC. The installation will be slightly different this time around, but we’ll make sure to properly guide everyone through it when the time comes. We truly cannot wait for people to experience what we’ve been crafting for the better part of a year!

MM: Do you have any final words for the community and where can they follow the project?

EPICNNG: It’d be great if people could follow us on Twitter @LandsRedux for all updates & news! We’ll be ramping up the hype in the near future, and we’d love to get everyone in on it!

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