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Fast-paced Combat Shown in Godfall Trailer

Godfall Combat Trailer

Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games showed off their newest Godfall trailer during Gearbox’s Digital Showcase. This presentation was part of PAX Online where the Gearbox Entertainment Company showed off multiple games.

This Godfall Trailer is a mix of cinematic footage captured in-engine and gameplay footage captured on PlayStation 5. I must say these trailers keep getting better and better. It shows off the combat at another level than the previous trailers did. And looking at the general reception online, more and more people are pleased with how this game is shaping up. The combat in this trailer is looking good as we see some fast-paced combat and swift dodges. The first pillar, the combat, of Godfall looks solid, I’m excited to learn more about the loot and the leveling capabilities of this game.

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