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Final Borderlands 3 Level Cap Increase (for now)

Borderlands 3 LVL Cap Increase
Borderlands 3 LVL Cap Increase

Gearbox Software is once again increasing your character’s maximum level cap in Borderlands 3. You will now be able to earn 5 more levels for your Vault Hunter, raising its max lvl from 60 to 65. Gearbox also mentioned that this will be the final level cap increase for the foreseeable future. While nothing is completely off the table when you release DLC for a 7-year-old game. This does put out a signal to fans who have been getting a bit frustrated to constantly keep farming God-Roll items over and over again. Over the last year, GBX has constantly increased the level cap as a new piece of content was released. So with each Story Campaign Add-on, they increased the LVL Cap with another 3 additional points. Back in the Borderlands 2 days, I actually suggested that they increase the level cap with each DLC instead of having 2 big level cap increases. Apparently they agreed that it’s nice to grind some new levels with the release of new content. However, not everyone felt the same.

Level 65

The new max level in Borderlands 3 is now LVL 65. Since DLC2 you are able to pick up 2 capstone skills, however, you really needed to go for it and spend your skills wisely. With the additional level cap increases, you have been able to further enhance your character build and stack up those awesome skills.

Do you know what you are going to do with the 5 additional skill points? – MentalMars

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  1. Kinda, I watched that twitch stream with the Sweet Tooth Moze build, and in chat the creator of it spec… https://t.co/qidyejP6Cx

  2. Yessir lol

  3. Yup, finally playing my Rakk/Skag build without compromises

  4. Not really. I haven’t looked into yet. I’m going to wait until Thursday.

  5. I’ll put them in the new skill tree

  6. Ill probably put them into what is needed on my Amara/FL4K since they are my mains. Its going to be hec… https://t.co/9hp3yJ72sU

  7. im more interested in what those leaked anoints seem to be saying to us, but also hugely doubt they d r… https://t.co/e05ihXwFFI

  8. 5 points to frenzy for more fl4k damage!

  9. Hmm depends on if there really is a new skill tree and if so how it works 2nd i do like how my builds a… https://t.co/xqfvAnJdwz

  10. Words cannot express how badly I want to kick the one who decided the constant level cap increases is a good idea in the balls. I am so damn sick of grinding for the good gear I already snagged over and over everytime they release a dlc. Wish they’d just set to 81 or whatever and never mess with it again


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