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First Borderlands Movie Reveals

The first teasers for the upcoming Borderlands movie are finally here as the first screenshots and teaser trailer dropped today. These exciting reveals are leading up to a big movie trailer that will drop tomorrow!

The Borderlands Movie is set to premiere on August 9, 2024.

Borderlands Movie Screenshots

Lilith looks Badass in the first screenshot. There is a lot of detail in the costume and I’m not sure what’s to the right of the screen but it looks very Borderlands-like.

In the second screenshot, we see the whole gang together. Randy Pitchford mentioned that they are looking down the access tunnel into a DAHL Eridium mine on Pandora. I don’t think Claptrap will take the stairs.

Borderlands Movie Teaser Analysis

Lilith who is portrayed by Cate Blanchett looks badass! She is firing the Infinity Gun – A Vladof pistol with a high fire rate and spinning barrel – which is a resourceful weapon for any Vault Hunter.

Roland is portrayed by Kevin Hart. He looks to be firing a mounted Machine Gun with an Atlas design. We see more Atlas vehicles in the trailer when the monster shows up. I’m getting Skagzilla meets Terramorphous vibes (Two big bosses from Borderlands 2).

Krieg is portrayed by Florian Munteanu. You can see an Outrunner on the right of the screen. Want to say that there is a Fran’s Frogert Truck in the back but Fran’s Frogert Shop was on Promethea and not Pandora.

Tiny Tina is portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt and she is an explosive expert. I noticed a Teapot for the Tea Party and Mushy Snugglebites but I’m not sure if that’s her twin sister on the other side.

Tannis is portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis. The display says Eridian Pottery instead of a Vault Key. Hopefully, that’s not another Tannis puzzle in the middle. Also, a hint at the first Vault Portal.

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