FREE Battleborn Champion Skins for Alani, Beatrix, Ernest, Kid Ultra, and Pendles

Free Battleborn Champion Skins

The Battleborn team over at Gearbox Software found 5 new champion skins and they are giving them away for free. You can get them by simply logging into the game and you will be awarded the champion skins. I checked with GBX if there is a time window that you needed to catch in order to unlock these skins. From what I have heard you don’t need to rush and can claim the skins the next time you login.

There’s no time limit for these. They should be available to you next time you login! – Noelle_GBX

We are getting champion skins for the follow Battleborn characters:

Alani ’s “Atramental” Skin

*Note: This skin has been given out before, but that was back in June 2017.

Alani ’s “Atramental” Skin - Battleborn

Alani ’s “Atramental” Skin – Battleborn

Beatrix’s “Melancholic Medic” Skin

Beatrix’s “Melancholic Medic” Skin - Battleborn

Beatrix’s “Melancholic Medic” Skin – Battleborn

Ernest “Starling” Skin

Ernest “Starling” Skin - Battleborn

Ernest “Starling” Skin – Battleborn

Kid Ultra ’s “Kid Shadow” Skin

Kid Ultra ’s “Kid Shadow” Skin - Battleborn

Kid Ultra ’s “Kid Shadow” Skin – Battleborn

Pendles’ “ Apophis” Skin

Pendles’ “ Apophis” Skin - Battleborn

Pendles’ “ Apophis” Skin – Battleborn

What do you think about these champion skins? Let me know in the comments below. I always liked the dark skins, I’ll be rocking that on Kid Ultra. Do you want to know what my 10 favorite Battleborn skins are, then check out that video. The Borderlands skins for Battleborn are also really cool.

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  1. Oh come on. Give us some epic outfits, not Tootsie ones. 😒

  2. DrIvanRadosivic

    nice. 😀

  3. Shysaël Leïda

    Yeah! 😀


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