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The Future of Battleborn and this Channel – Fall Update

Hey Mentalmars here, Gearbox Software announced that the Fall Update will be the last content they will do for Battleborn. What does this mean for the channel and what content can we still expect coming to the game with this patch.

Video Notes


In this video, I’m going to talk about the future of Battleborn and this channel because Gearbox announced that the fall update will be the last content they make for the game, so let’s talk about that.

Hey MentalMars here and because Gearbox might have announced that they won’t be making more Battleborn content after the fall update that doesn’t mean that we as a community should stop. So I will be still be making more Battleborn content here on the website and on my YouTube channel. So that covers my part, now let’s look at what Gearbox is doing.

Battleborn will get one last patch this fall. And this update will contain the Borderlands skins if you haven’t seen those check this video as those look awesome. In total, there will be 60 new skins of which 6 are Borderlands themed. Other stuff that is coming are new taunts and finisher boosts, and I hope they will add that gummy bear finisher Kaleidodemon suggested. Of course, there going to be balance changes. At Pax it was mentioned there would be tweaks for all of the characters, however, Battleborn’s creative director Randy Varnell mentioned in his latest message that there will be minor balance changes. This suggests to me that they won’t be reworking some of the characters this time. Like they did with Ambra or Galilea.

Randy did mention that we will be getting some updated title art for the more significant challenges in the game. These will become those new full-bar titles with a more visual presentation. And Randy also mentioned that he has a little surprise for Beya who is one of the community badasses that draws amazing Battleborn art. Will one of her artworks make it onto one of these full bar titles? Well, we have to wait and see till the fall update, but this makes me wonder which community badasses will get a spotlight in the game. And in case you are wondering if where I am in the game then watch this video for the MentalMarmot easter egg.

Until further notice battleborn’s servers will stay online. There won’t be any battleplans in the future but small announcements will be done on the social media channels. This will probably be the weekly free character rotations and small hotfixes.

My question of the day

What do you think of this news update? Let me know in the comments. Personally, it made me kinda sad to read Randy’s message to the community, because I have been so involved with this game. my journey with Battleborn has been phenomenal and has a special place in my heart. therefore I would like to thank everyone at Gearbox for making such a great game. Your hard work has been an inspiration to me. Our shared passion has resulted in incredible experiences. and Also thanks to everyone in the community for making this an unforgettable ride. While this sounds like a goodbye, it’s not. I’m not done Battleborn and I will also be covering that unannounced game, Borderlands 3. Thanks

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  1. Great game, great channel ! Guess I will continue to play battleborn, why there’s no chance to make it… https://t.co/QAozQqPWFQ

  2. Saw the battleborn in Ready Player one, I really did love the game and I’m kinda surprise they were in the movie though I’m not complaining


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