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In-Game Reporting Feature Added to Battleborn

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Within  the upcoming patch for Battleborn, there will be a ‘in-game reporting feature‘. This will allow you to report players who got corrupted by the Varelsi. So if you spot players that are cheating,  always AFK, or communicate in a way that doesn’t belong in this universe. Well then you can use this newly added tool.  But remember there are players that understand the game a bit better and are excellent marksman. That doesn’t mean they are using an AIM-bot. For guidelines check out the post by the 2K Staff.

How to report players in Battleborn:

Reporting in Battleborn is very simple: while in a game, use the Scoreboard to highlight a player’s name and choose the type of behavior you wish to report for that player.


  • 1.While in any Campaign or Competitive game with other players, open the Scoreboard.

  • 2.Using the mouse, up and down arrow keys, or the right control stick of a controller, select the player you wish to report. Once selected, a new window will appear.

  • 3.Choose the “Report Player” option.
  • 4.Once you elect to report the player, three offenses can be chosen:
    • Cheating
    • Frequently Idle
    • Abusive Behavior/Language

No confirmation of this report is sent to either the reporter or the reported player. Additionally, players can only be reported once per session, and attempting to do so again will result in the Report Player option unavailable.


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