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Gearbox E3 2021 Showcase Announced + My Predictions

Gearbox E3 Showcase 2021
Gearbox E3 Showcase 2021

Gearbox has its own segment at E3 this year! Their showcase will be live-streamed on Saturday, June 12 at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET/10 pm BST on E3EXPO-PORTAL. Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox, will be sharing everything that the company has been busy with.

You can watch it here on my site.

Showcase Expectations

  • New Game by Gearbox
  • Godfall
    • Gearbox Publishing already revealed that Godfall will have a segment in its presentation. Counterplay Game’s Senior Technical Producer, Dick Heyne, will share some upcoming updates to the game. Personally, I expect to hear something about the first DLC for Godfall.
  • Tribes of Midgard
    • This is another Gearbox Publishing title that will have a spotlight at the Summer Game Fest. It’s also likely that it will get featured in the GBX E3 Showcase.
  • Bunkers & Badasses
    • This isn’t a video game but it’s something Gearbox Entertainment is working on. I think this board game will get a shout-out but not as much as during the PAX showcase.
  • Embracer Merger
    • Gearbox merged with Embracer earlier this year. I think Randy will touch on this and will share how this added rocket fuel to everything that they are working on. Bigger, Better, and Faster. More exciting stuff in the future, hopefully, Battleborn is one of those things but GBX has multiple franchises that could use some love.
  • Gearbox Publishing
    • While we already know Gearbox Publishing will show off updates on existing titles, I assume they have a surprise up their sleeves. There was a moment when I thought they were releasing all the most anticipated indie games to market.
  • Magic Trick
    • I know Randy usually does a magic trick during PAX presentations, however, because of the time limit, he is likely gonna skip it and focus on the more important stuff.
  • Borderlands Movie
    • The Borderlands movie isn’t video game-related but probably gets mentioned and they might share some photos. But I see this set side-by-side with the merger deal and GBX having a hand in multiple exciting projects.
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