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What Will Gearbox Entertainment Show at Pax West 2022?

Gearbox Main Theater Show at Pax West 2022
Gearbox Main Theater Show at Pax West 2022

Gearbox announced that they will be attending PAX West and that they will do another Gearbox Main Theater Show again. The PAX West event will be held from Sept 2 till Sept 5, 2022. The Gearbox Show will take place on September 2 at 2:00 PM PT.

There isn’t an official decription of the show on the PAX site but usually it’s the same text each time. This always speaks about “never seen before reveals”. This always led some folks to speculate the next Borderlands is being shown. Therefore, my realistic look at what PAX West can bring us.

My Predictions

The first one is easy because Randy Pitchford already teased this one. But we are going to see more New Tales From The Borderlands. I think we will learn more about how this game came about and get another teaser trailer.

My second prediction is that we will be seeing Homeworld 3. Gearbox Publishing was already showcasing this game at Gamescom. I think they will continue to promote this game at all the big shows until it releases next year.

Gearbox Publishing will continue to kick ass on stage as they have a bunch more titles under their belt.

The stylish co-op game Blanc will be shown. They really need to get a gameplay trailer out there. This looks to be a great game that I can play with my wife.

It wouldn’t surprise me that they will name drop Eyes in the Dark as that game released in July.

Relic Hunters Legend could also use an update where they show off more of the game. If you are interested there is somewhat of a mobile version of this game on Netflix called Relic Hunters Rebel. Relic Hunters Legend will be on PC.

Gearbox Publishing has done a great job at picking up quality games, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some surprises up their sleeve.

Randy Pitchford is an entertainer and it has become a tradition that he does a magic trick on stage.

The biggest thing a lot of folks want to know about is the Borderlands Movie. A teaser was shown at Cinemacon earlier this year. We all have been dying to see a glimpse of this movie. It would be a banger if they closed the show with a trailer for the movie.

Borderlands 4 isn’t confirmed and is way out, so it’s likely that won’t be mentioned. Randy will likely mention the growth of the company and that the studios are working on exciting new and established IPs.

Hopefully, they can announce some mini-events for Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Let me know what you think, what will Gearbox show at PAX this weekend?

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