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Gearbox Entertainment expands with a new Studio in Montréal

New Gearbox Montreal Studio
New Gearbox Montreal Studio

Gearbox Software is expanding and is assembling a new team for the new studio in Montréal. This 3rd studio will be working on the Borderlands franchise and developing a brand new IP.

Industry veterans Sébastien Caisse, Ph.D., and Pierre-André Déry will co-lead the newly formed studio. They both also successfully co-led the Québec Studio.

This second major expansion will be adding 250 jobs to Montréal and bringing its company-wide workforce to more than 850.

Pierre-André + Sébastien
Pierre-André + Sébastien

My Reactions

This is rocket fuel at work and I love to see where it brings up!

Remember the Embracer deal a while ago? Gearbox became the 7th operating group and is its own subsidiary of Embracer. So while they work under the Embracer flag they still function as their own company. This deal brought in a lot of money for Gearbox, “Rocket Fuel” as Randy Pitchford described it.

Gearbox Entertainment is moving up in the world and they are expanding their workforce. While COVID has slowed down the world things are gearing up again.

This new studio enables Gearbox to deliver more content faster. I also love the fact that they are developing new franchises. I loved Battleborn and would like to see a follow-up but Gearbox has more franchises under their belt that they could work with. A lot of fans would like to see a new Brothers in Arms or Duke Nukem for example.

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