Gearbox Job Opening Hints at Borderlands 3

Gearbox needs writer for Borderlands 3
Gearbox needs writer for Borderlands 3

Yesterday on twitter Gearbox Software’s president, Randy Pitchford, referred to a new job opening at the studio. Gearbox is looking for someone to join the writing team for an unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and central narrative thread. This description hints strongly at GBX’s biggest IP, being the Borderlands franchise. If you have been following this site for it’s Borderlands 3 news this news update might not come as a shock to you, because we already knew that Gearbox and 2K Games are working on the next Borderlands. However with the recent “Inside Gearbox Panels” at PAX the communication has become a bit vague. Marketing wants to keep things a bit of a secret now and that’s why we get these vague descriptions at PAX:

90% of Gearbox Software is working on the thing you want most – Randy Pitchford 

These are the things that are being picked up by websites that are not in the know or just try and get clicks. When i saw the job opening i thought nothing about it, just that Gearbox needed some more staff members. However other media outlets thought different about it and now it’s a sign that Borderlands 3 is secretly in development. Therefore i want to make sure you are up to date, yes the next Borderlands game is in development but it’s not really a secret:

Borderlands 3 Confirmations:


After reading the comments on some of the other media articles i saw some people comment that they now expect that it will take a while before we see the next Borderlands. Some of them think that the story still need to be written. But if you check the job opening you can see that the writer needs to work with  an established story and plot outlines. The person gearbox is looking for will punch up and iterate (exciting) scripts. This sounds like quality control to me, someone that fact/spelling/grammer checks everything.  He or she will also have responsibilities like writing dialogue for voice-over and in-game text for missions, flavor and user interfaces. This will likely be for the side missions and the text in the menus when they the missions are presented. One news outlet spoke about the fact that some developers hire extra people when marketing material needs to be made. So that might just be another hint at Gearbox preparing for an announcement.

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