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Gearbox Official Borderlands GOTY Livestream Recap

Take a tour of the latest improvements in Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, including the minimap, new Golden Chest, gameplay improvements, and more!

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Learn more about how the enhanced edition of Borderlands GOTY came about. What was the philosophy behind this remaster, what improvements did Gearbox Software make, and what some of their struggles were?

You can also check out my Borderlands GOTY article where I go over a lot of details of the game.

My Thoughts

Looks like the live streams at Gearbox Software have received an update, NICE!

Starting the stream off with a tease towards Borderlands 3, tell us more… PLZ! I guess we have to wait for the Gameplay Reveal Event.

The environment upgrades look great, like Carl said, it looks like how you remember it but actually, there are a lot of improvements.

Also, I used to invert my controller settings back in the day, until 1 game didn’t have it and I played that non-stop. Since then I don’t invert the controller settings anymore.

The FUN FACT; That when Claptrap bumped his head against the gate was actually an error but they kept it in as a joke. Kinda reminds me of that Storm Trooper in Star Wars A New Hope.

I’m happy they added the Golden Chest in this game. If you are looking for Borderlands GOTY Golden Keys, I got you covered!

It’s also kinda weird to see how you need to unlock everything along the way. Back in the day, Looter-Shooters were something new. You didn’t really have RPG elements in FPS games. Therefore, this game has a whole tutorial curve to teach you all the mechanics. That’s why the Action Skill unlocks at level 5 in this game but in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel it unlocks at level 3.

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