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Gearbox set on Releasing 10 AAA Games by 2026

Gearbox Entertainment Roadmap  States 10 AAA Games in Near Future

The Embracer Group has announced that their subsidiary Gearbox Software has 10 triple-A titles planned for release until March 2026. These are titles that are developed in-house but also include big titles released under Gearbox Publishing.

Because this news was released in February 2022, we already received Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and we know that the release of New Tales From The Borderlands is imminent and Homeworld 3 is on the 2023 horizon.

Gearbox Software Report
Gearbox Software Report

Gearbox are heavily recruiting across their studios. They are setting up new studios, Montreal and they are growing.

There are also titles that are externally developed, of those 10 titles, there are a few that are more in the concept phase or in the preproduction phase.

So, they need to deliver on the business plan to add more resources to deliver all those games. And that’s – they seem to be on track on that, but they are having a very ambitious business plan.

Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors

Update Sept 22, 2022

Randy Pitchford stated in the Embracer Group Annual General Meeting FY 21/22 that Gearbox has 5 games from existing IP in development and 5 new IPs are being developed.

Now let us look at Gearbox Entertainment LLC’s Trademarks

  • Duke Nukem
    • Duke Nukem is likely going to get something because of the movie deal and all the merch
  • Homeworld
    • Homeworld 3 releases in 2023
  • Brothers in Arms
    • Trademark looks to be in place
  • Borderlands
  • Borderworlds
    • Trademark is removing items as we speak
  • Sudden Death
    • Trademark looks to be abandoned
  • Battleborn
    • Trademark removed software items
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
    • Randy stated that new experiences are being worked on

My Thoughts

This makes you wonder what Gearbox Software has in store for us. Will we see more games like New Tales From The Borderlands and can we expect Borderlands 4 during this timeline?

I did see on Linkedin that Gearbox Software has multiple developers in the role of creative director. These are the people that steer the overall vision of a project.

I believe that the times of Gearbox Software solely working on a single title are over.

Gearbox Montreal is looking for people with experience in developing a 3rd Person Shooter. Technically, 2026 is still a long way to go. On the other hand, a new game isn’t easily created.

Gearbox did recently acquire Lost Boys Interactive and with the Embracer Merger, Perfect World is now also part of Gearbox Software. That’s why there is now also a GBX Office in Holland (there goes my unofficial title).

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