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Gearbox Software has plans for Fiona and Sasha

New Tales From The Borderlands Fiona + Sasha
New Tales From The Borderlands Fiona + Sasha

After the reveal of New Tales From The Borderlands, Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Entertainment, took to Twitter to talk about the game and tease at things to come. A fan followed up on that by directly asking about the whereabouts of Sasha and Fiona, two major characters in the Original Tales From The Borderlands.

Because Tales From The Borderlands ended with a BIG question that never got answered. What happened with Rhys & Fiona? Rhys returned in Borderlands 3, however, the matter isn’t really addressed and Fiona is nowhere to be found.

We do get some hints throughout Borderlands 3 that Rhys is searching for Sasha. When engaging with Rhys he talks about being in love and has a photograph of Sasha on his desk. There is also an Echolog in the Atlas HQ where Rhys follows up with Zer0 if he managed to find her.

All-in-all, this is very mysterious and clearly, Gearbox Software is trying to set something up regarding Rhys and Sasha. However, there isn’t a payoff at the moment, leaving us fans hanging as we are so invested in these characters.

Randy Pitchford finally breaks the silence surrounding these beloved characters and tells us that our princesses, Fiona & Sasha, are in another castle (Super Mario Bros reference).

Randy goes on and tells that they also love them both and that they do have plans for these characters. They aren’t in New Tales From The Borderlands because Fiona & Sasha deserve to be more than just side characters.

I know Gearbox Software wanted to put more fan-favorite characters into Borderlands 3 but your time with them would be so limited that they removed them from the main game. However, they were able to spotlight some of them in the DLCs.

This leaves us with the question, what plans does Gearbox Software have for these characters? Will we see Fiona & Sasha in Borderlands 4 or are they working on something completely new?

Update: Borderlands Novel featuring Fiona & Sasha announced

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