Get Legendaries from the Slot Machines – Borderlands 3 Event

Slot Machine Mania - Borderlands 3 Event
Slot Machine Mania - Borderlands 3 Event

Slot Machine Mania

Gearbox Software is running a series of events and today we have a new Borderlands 3 event called Slot Machine Mania. During the course of this event, you will have a higher chance of getting legendary items from the slot machines. However, beware that with higher rewards there is also a higher risk. Because not just the legendary drop rates have been increased so have the grenade drops. Therefore be prepared to make a run for it!

The ‘Slot Machine Mania’ event will last from April 2nd, till, April 9th, 2020. Happy Gambling Vault Hunter!

Best Slot Machine Farm Spot

For this event, I would go to Moxxi’s bar over on Sanctuary III as there you will find 4 slot machines next to each other. There are a few slot machines in the new Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC, however, that are just 2 next to each other. And in the Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot, there are areas with multiple slot machines, however, these are spaced out so there is a bit of a walk between each of the slot machines.

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