Get Secret Weapons through Moxxi’s Tipping Jar in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 continues the tradition of Moxxi's tip jar where you rewards for giving her your money.
What happens when you give Moxxi over a MILLION dollars? - Video by KillerSix

What happens when you tip Moxxi in Borderlands 3?

Miss Moxxi returns in Borderlands 3 and once again she has her tipping jar on the counter. You are able to interact with it and give Moxxi some money. But what happens when you tip Moxxi in Borderlands 3, is there some secret reward or are you just throwing your money away?

Getting to Moxxi’s Bar

When you completed the prologue of Borderlands 3 and reached the spaceship Sanctuary 3 you will be able to visit Moxxi’s bar. On the counter, you will find her tipping Jar.  You are able to put in 100 or 1000 cash money. If you are familiar with the franchise, you know that giving Moxxi some of your money can result in some nice rewards.

Hey, Big spender, thanks for the tip. You can wet your whisle at my place any day. And when you spray this bad boy into a crowd of fanatics, I hope you’ll think of me. – Moxxi

Moxxi’s Tipping Jar Rewards

When you spend enough money on the tipping jar you will receive a reward from Moxxi through the new mail system.


Moxxi's Tipping Jar Rewards - Deft Hail - Borderlands 3

The Hail is a Dahl assault rifle. The prefixes on these guns vary each time Moxxi sends you one. The projectiles have a small arc to them. Dealing damage to enemies gives you minor health regeneration.


Moxxi's Tipping Jar Rewards - Terminal Crit - Borderlands 3

The Crit is a Maliwan SMG. While the prefixes on these guns vary the element is always doing Shock damage. The red text says; “Slippery when wet” meaning that every time you reload it there is a chance that you will drop the weapon.


  • Most sites report that you will get Moxxi’s rewards after spending $30.000 on the tipping jar while players mentioned getting rewards at $25.000 or $50.000. With previous Borderlands games, the amount of money you needed to put in was always a bit random.
  • Ki11erSix mentioned that he didn’t get any Crit’s on the lower levels.
  • Moxxi’s rewards can be an Anointed weapon.
  • Moxxi weapons have the ability to restore a portion of your health based on the damage you dealt.

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