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Glitch in Battleborn Enables a Photo Mode

Photo Mode Battleborn Glitch
Photo Mode Battleborn Glitch

Gearbox Community Member RAMBO-MED came across an interesting glitch in Battleborn which enabled the option to make screenshots from the game without the HUD (Heads-Up-Display).

I personally find this a great discovery and I’m hoping to see some awesome screenshots from you. Around the time that Battleborn launched I requested a photo mode feature because we got this beautiful game and this way people can show off the amazing art/work by the developers. Also as a content creator having such features enables me to make even more awesome stuff for you (Gearbox, make it happen for Borderlands 3).

Enable Photo Mode

Triggering this Glitch only works in the PvP mode.
After the Character Select screen, you will see the chosen Battleborn heroes jump on the VS loading screen. During this screen, you should change the rendering mode on the console. For example switch between 1080p and 4K  on PS4. On PC you have to run Fullscreen mode to get this trick to work. Change your resolution during the VS loading screen. When you are in the match you can hide the HUD by activating your Gear menu (left on the d-pad for PS4 or the “2” key on PC). You are still able to activate your gear, but doing so will break the ability to remove your HUD for the rest of the match. While the poses for your characters are limited you can work around this. If you pick Deande and back her up against a wall the camera will go over her head when she does the teleport animation. This gives you a clear shot of the scenery.


  1. Start a match (only got it to work in PvP)
  2. While on the VS screen go to Options
  3. If on PS4 change the rendering mode, if on PC change resolution (while in Fullscreen mode)
  4. When in-game activating the gear menu makes your HUD disappear.
Battleborn photo mode glitch
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