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Godfall Ascends with Free ‘Lightbringer’ update

Godfall Lightbringer Update
Godfall Lightbringer Update

Lightbringer Update for Godfall

The Lightbringer update is a free content update that will be available for everyone. It adds a new game mode to the game that is designed for level 50 players. Here you will be able to take on new challenges and collect a new type of loot.

Cursed Items

Godfall Ascends with Free ‘Lightbringer’ update

Cursed Items are powerful new weapons and equipment that can only drop in Lightbringer missions. These items have one or more curses attached to them. These curses will reduce the strength of the item and replace the secondary traits with negative traits.

Having Curses on your gear will make the game harder as your stats are negatively impacted, however, you won’t be using these weapons to make the game more difficult. It has a risk and reward mechanic to it.

You will be able to cleanse these curses from your so-called cursed gear. Once you lifted all of the curses, the item becomes Awakened. These awakened items are among the most powerful items that you can obtain in Godfall.

You can cleanse your gear by completing specified objectives in the Ascended Tower of Trials and in Dreamstones while using the Cursed Item.

There are a total of 42 Cursed Items available.

Available Now

The Free Lightbringer update is now, Aug 10, 2021, available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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