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Godfall Developer Interview and an Exclusive First Look at Hinterclaw Valorplate.

Godfall Developer Interview with Richard Heyne, Technical Producer on Godfall, and an exclusive first look at Hinterclaw.

Godfall Interview

Is Godfall a Game as a service?

No, Godfall isn’t a service and there won’t be any micro-transactions. There is a campaign that you can finish and after that you can jump into the end game content.

What does the end game of Godfall look like?

While there is a lot to do in the main campaign, there is still a lot to do when defeating the final boss. You can replay the various realms and have new challenges. (not mentioned in the interview but there is the Tower of Trials).

How does loot work in Godfall?

There is a mixture of random and dedicated drops. Read More

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