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Godfall Developer Q/A with New Gameplay

Tune into the Godfall Celebration! We are revealing brand new PS5 gameplay as well and sitting down and chatting with Arekkz & MyNameisByf to answer some of your questions!


Important Information

Learn a lot about Godfall in this developer Q&A as the team goes over various elements of the game. Loot, Leveling, Lore, End-Game, and much MUCH MORE.

  • Banners Stack with those of your allies
  • Loot in Godfall is instanced. Loot instancing meaning every player will have his own loot drops when playing coöprativly.
  • You can encounter enemies that feel out of place for the realm you are playing. Like having a fire enemy in the water realm.
  • 70+ different enemies. This number doesn’t include elites of variants of the same mid-boss
  • Max LVL is 50
  • You won’t have your skill grid completely filled out when beating the story. There are other activities in the end-game that allow you to gain additional skill points.
  • You won’t be able to fill up the complete skill grid.
  • You can respec your skill grid at any time as skill points are refunded to you
  • The skills in the skill grid are not tied to a specific Valorplate
  • Dream Stone Mode
    • After defeating the final boss, you are presented with Dream Stone Mode, an end-game activity. This is a new game mode that you will find on your Holomap. This lets you face-off against alternate reality versions of old bosses that have been enhanced.
    • There are 18 Dream Stones, you unlock the first one after beating the main story campaign
    • Dream Stone Missions are replayable rogue-lite challenges
    • You need to fight your way through 3 waves of enemies. With each wave, you enhance your character or the final boss.
    • The first 9 Dream Stones are part of Act 1 of Godfall’s End-Game. These challenges will bring you to LVL50 so you are ready for the real End-Game.
    • Act 2 of Godfall’s End-Game is the 9 remaining Dream Stones and you unlock the Ascended Tower of Trials
  • Ascended Tower of Trials is similar to the Tower of Trials during the main story campaign. However, there is no end to it. You keep climbing floors, keep collecting buffs, and earn unique loot.
  • Before you can play online co-op, you need to complete the tutorial section of the game which will take about 45 min. Once you reached Seventh Senctum, you can team up with friends.
  • You can only play missions in co-op that all the players have unlocked. You can’t grab a buddy to the final boss if he just started playing.
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