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Godfall Developers Talk Art, World & Environment Inspirations

The GamersHub from Shack did an interview with some of the developers from Godfall about the art and their inspiration for the game.


  • Greg Burke – SHACK Host
  • Evan McKnight – Lead Envoirement Aritst
  • Tim Simpson – Environment Art Director
  • Christophe Ha – Studio Art Director and Cofounder, Counterplay Games


  • How did the visual concept of Godfall come to life?
  • Is it difficult to combine the sci-fi and the medieval styles?
  • Why did you guys decide to make those colorful, vibrant environments?
  • Can you guys go into the fauna as some are like the real thing and others are more fantasy?
  • What did the power of the next gen-consoles open up for game design?
  • How did your previous work influence the Godfall art style?
  • What were the inspirations for the world?
  • How is Ray-Tracing impacting games?

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