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Godfall DLC Coming in 2021

Godfall DLC Coming in 2021
Godfall DLC Coming in 2021

Godfall DLC Announced

With the announcement that you can pre-order Godfall on the EPIC Games Store, Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games also revealed their plans for the future. Because your purchase of the Deluxe Edition or the Ascended Edition of Godfall also includes ‘Expansion 1’. It was stated that Godfall wouldn’t include any microtransactions. I followed up with Gearbox Publishing what their actual definition of “Microtransaction” is. Since you can consider that all additional content is basically a ‘Microtransaction’. However,  the spokesperson at Gearbox Publishing made a clear distinction between ‘Microtransactions’ and DLC. Microtransactions are the scammy, predatorial tactics to extort cash from consumers. You might know them as loot boxes, where you pay a small fee for a random chance on a variety of items. You won’t see any of those things in Godfall. However, downloadable content that expands the game is clearly in development.

Expansion 1

Godfall Ascended Edition inc pre-order bonus

Godfall Ascended Edition inc pre-order bonus

There is currently no info on what kind of content Expansion 1 contains. It is stated that you can expect this DLC to arrive somewhere in 2021. Personally, I hope they expand the story campaign and tell more about the Godfall universe and its characters.

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