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Godfall Gamescom Developer Interview

Godfall - Developer Gameplay Interview | Gamescom 2020
Godfall had a featured slot during the IGN Gamecom Live event. There Creative Director Keith Lee spoke about the game.

Godfall Info From Dev Interview

  • Valorplates are armor sets that each has their own characteristics.
  • Some Valorplates are balanced others specialize in a particulate characteristic like; DPS, Tank, Cooldown, De-buffs, Crowd Control.
  • You will need to gather resources to unlock Valorplates.
  • Silvermane will be your first Valorplate
  • You can use augments to enhance your character.
  • Augments come in different colors and need to be aligned on a constellation grid. The placements of the augments impact their effectiveness.
  • New Valorplates: Typhon, Mesa, Vertigo, Sirius (Tank), Armistice (DPS + CC)
  • Valorplates Cores are essential to crafting/unlocking Valorplates, however, you also need additional resources.
  • You can obtain crafting materials from; enemies, complete missions, enter custom game modes, and treasure chests.
  • Destroying urns or defeating enemies will provide you with orbs that allow you to fill up your Archon bar.
  • Silvermane focuses on Cooldown Abilities.
  • Vertigo focuses on shock
  • Mesa is focused on poison. This deals Damage of Time. When an enemy dies it can spread that poison to nearby enemies.
  • Co-op abilities that create area-of-effects that for example heal everyone standing in the circle.
  • There will be consumable items that you can use during your mission.
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