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Godfall Interview with a First Look at New Valorplate + Combat Mechanics Explained

Godfall Q&A

  • How do the weak points work?
  • What is Breach and how does it work in Godfall?
  • What is Soulshatter?
  • What are polarity attacks?
  • What can you tell us about the Shield in Godfall?
  • Can you tell us more about Aegishorn?
  • What’s the special ability of the Polearm?
  • Do all the weapons have a unique name?
  • Can you bring Zero’s sword all the way to end game?
  • What can you tell me about Armistice?

Augment Constellation

In Godfall your Valorplates have an Augment Constellation. On this grid, you can boost the armor’s characteristics. The Constellation grid is build out of various colors these stand for the 3 attributes; Might, Vitality, and Spirit. Each one boosts one of the characteristics associated with it. Depending on your Valorplate there are more or less slots for a specific color.

  • Red = Might = DPS
  • Green = Vitality = Tanky
  • Blue = Spirit = Cooldown and unique Damage sources


The Armistice Valorplate ss all about Breach damage, which works great with Warhammers.This armor set specializes in Might. Big AoE damage and CC. Archon Mode increases Breach damage. Upon activation, he Breaches all enemies surrounding him.


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