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Godfall’s Shield is a Weapon on its own

Godfall Shield A Weapon on its own
Godfall Shield A Weapon on its own

Your Shield is a Weapon Class on its own in Godfall

Godfall is a looter-slasher that focuses on offensive play. This playstyle is also incorporated into your shield. Yes, you can block incoming attacks with your shield, however, you can also utilize it as a weapon. This makes your shield a great utility in order to take down your opponents. For example: after you used the longsword an icon will indicate that you can perform a shield uppercut. You got a shield through the entire game and you can use your shield in combination with all the various weapon classes. So it doesn’t matter if you are using 2-handed weapons. Learn your weapon’s strengths and weaknesses and dominate the combat zone by executing the right combos with a little help of your trusty shield.


Hold the shield button to block incoming attacks.

Parry Attacks

If you press the shield button at the right time, you can parry attacks. This allows you to quickly go from the defense to the offense.

Shield Strike

You can perform a light attack after a last-second shield block to counter-attack with a powerful shield strike.

Shield Throw

You can aim and then throw your shield. A shield throw van hit multiple targets as it ricochets between them.

Wave Attack

After throwing your shield. Tap the shield button just before you catch your shield as it returns to your hand. This will trigger a shock wave around your character.

Petrifying Slam

If you double-tap the shield button you will perform a Petrifying Slam. Your character will jump forward and will slam its shield into the ground. The shockwave will petrify your enemies for a short duration.

Ground finisher

When you bash your opponent you can use your shield to perform a ground finisher. When you tackled them you will use the edges of your shield to cut through them.



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