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Godfall SHiFT Codes

Godfall SHiFT Codes
Godfall SHiFT Codes

SHiFT Codes Confirmed

While this feature wasn’t mentioned before launch, but there is an option to enter SHiFT Codes into Godfall. SHiFT Codes have previously only been available in Gearbox Software titles like Borderlands and Battleborn. From what I can tell is that Gearbox Publishing extended that service to Godfall. SHiFT Codes are commonly used as loyalty rewards for the community. In the Borderlands franchise Gearbox used them to provide loot, skins, or other digital goodies.

How to Redeem SHift Codes in Godfall

There are 2 ways how you can redeem SHiFT Codes for Godfall.

  1. In-Game
    • In the main menu, you can find a SHiFT Codes option. This will take you to an input field to redeem a SHiFT Code.
  2. SHiFT Website
    • On the Gearbox SHiFT Site, you can use the ‘Code Redemption’ feature to claim your rewards.

New Godfall SHiFT Codes

  • Royal Fortitude Bulwark Skin [07/14/2021]
  • Ashengod Phoenix Skin [02/23/2021]
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