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Godfall Trophy List

Godfall PS5 Trophy List
Godfall PS5 Trophy List

Godfall‘s trophy list is out and you will be able to earn 2 Gold, 9 Silver, and 34 Bronze trophies. If you successfully collected all those trophies you will be rewarded with the Platinum trophy. The list doesn’t look that difficult but it seems you do need to do a lot of stuff and play with each of the Valorplates.

The Gold Trophy; Ascendant where you have to Reach Trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials looks to be the one you really have to bite your teeth in. Because this is an End-Game activity where the difficulty scales up with each Trial you complete. 

Good luck and have fun playing the game!

Platinum Trophy

  • Highlord of Aperion: Earn all available Trophies for Godfall

Gold Trophies

  • Macros: Defeat Macros
  • Ascendant: Reach Trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials

Silver Trophies

  • Slayer: Defeat 2,000 enemies
  • Defender: Parry 100 attacks
  • Deflector: Parry 30 projectiles
  • Soul Reaper: Soulshatter an enemy 500 times
  • S-Rank Duelist: Hit 200 enemy Weakpoints
  • Assassin: Perform 40 Deathblows
  • Egalitarian: Defeat 75 Elite Enemies
  • Hunter: Defeat 40 Mid-Bosses
  • Rise Up: Reach trial 10 in the Ascended Tower of Trials

Bronze Trophies

  • Solaris: Defeat Solaris
  • Zamora: Defeat Zamora
  • Lunara: Defeat Lunara
  • Grieves Sunsteel: Defeat Grieves Sunsteel
  • Gilden Knight: Defeat Gilden Knight
  • Salt the Earth: Defeat 200 Vargul
  • Shatter the Bastions: Defeat 200 Crimson Wind
  • End the Deep Ones: Defeat 200 Abyssian
  • Pierce the Heavens: Defeat 200 Nyak
  • Punish the Traitors: Defeat 200 Blacktide
  • Master of Elements: Inflict an Ailment 300 times
  • Disciple of Alaz: Ignite an enemy 100 times
  • Frost Brand: Chill an enemy 100 times
  • Stormbringer: Shock an enemy 100 times
  • Child of the Earth: Poison an enemy 100 times
  • The Razor’s Edge: Bleed an enemy 100 times
  • Kosmera’s Embrace: Curse an enemy 100 times
  • Ultimate Warrior: Activate Archon Fury 40 times
  • Shield Captain: Hit an enemy with Shield Throw 200 times
  • Archon of War: Perform 100 Takedowns
  • Versatile Warrior: Perform a Polarity Shockwave 100 times
  • Dervish: Activate Inner Focus 100 times
  • Dragoon: Perform a Polearm Weapon Technique 100 times
  • Sword Saint: Perform a Longsword Weapon Technique 100 times
  • Berserker: Perform a Greatsword Weapon Technique 100 times
  • Earthshaker: Perform a Warhammer Weapon Technique 100 times
  • Armor of the Gods: Pick up 30 Valorplate Cores from Fallen Soldiers
  • Scavenger: Pick up 250 pieces of equipment
  • Awakening: Pick up a legendary piece of equipment
  • Gold, Silver, and…: Pick up 100,000 electrum
  • Raider: Open 50 chests
  • Gatherer: Collect from 50 Motherlodes
  • Geared Up: Pick up 5 legendary pieces of equipment
  • Keymaker: Earn 200 Keys in Tower of Trials
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