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Godfall’s Ailment System Revamped

Godfall New Ailment System
Godfall New Ailment System

New Status Effects

Counterplay Games is revamping the ailment system in Godfall. With this adjustment, they want to improve the gameplay of the ailments and adding more variety to how you can interact with the system. Therefore Ailments now have more differentiated effects:

  • Bleed
    • Increases the damage taken by the target and applies a damage-over-time effect
  • Poison
    • The target gains a long duration damage-over-time effect with a high total amount of damage
  • Chill
    • Slows the target’s movement and attack speed and applies a damage-over-time effect
  • Shock
    • Increases Breach damage taken by the target and applies a damage-over-time effect
  • Curse
    • Decreases the damage dealt by the target and applies a damage-over-time effect
  • Ignite
    • The target gains a short duration, high-intensity damage-over-time effect

How To Apply Ailments?

Ailment Chance traits have been removed from the game. Instead, your Ailment Effects is now a guaranteed thing when you use specific attacks. For instance; Shield Throws inflict Ailments.

The Power of Ailments

You can stack Ailments multiple times on a single target for an increased effect. The strength of ailment stacks is now relative to the strength of the attack you use to apply the ailment. Also, high-damage attacks will apply stronger ailments stacks, with stronger effects and increased damage over time.

Additionally, you can gain Ailment Power traits to increase the effectiveness of ailments you apply to enemies, and you can gain Ailment Duration traits to increase the duration of ailments you apply to enemies. Both of these traits will increase the total damage over time dealt by the ailments.

Consuming Ailments for Insane Damage

Some items will now allow you to consume ailments from enemies. When you consume ailments from an enemy, all ailments stacks are removed from the enemy and any remaining damage from the ailments is dealt to the enemy instantaneously.

This way you can create cool combo loops of applying stacks of Ailments and then consume them to deal a devastating blow.

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