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Godfall’s End Game Content

Tower of Trials seems to be Godfall's End Game Content
Tower of Trials seems to be Godfall's End Game Content

Tower of Trials

There is a new bullet point in the press release and on the updated digital storefront pages for Godfall that hints at Godfall’s end game content.

  • Vanquish Worthy Foes
    • Test your skills in the Tower of Trials and challenge yourself against the toughest foes and earn top-tier loot.

To me, this kinda sounds like the Slaughter Domes from Borderlands 3. But I have seen people compare it to the rift system from Diablo 3. Which makes sense since folks who have previously worked on that game now work at Counterplay Games. That said, game developers always borrow successful features from one and other. But things should make sense for that game.

I think we can expect various challenges. These might be themed to the various realms we encounter in the game; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the Spirit Realm. Since Godfall has over 90 different enemies divided over these themes. A fighting arena or raid themed to these realms would make sense. It’s a relatively “easy” way to throw increasingly tougher enemies at you and reward you with end game loot.

Additional Content

Counterplay Games is currently focussed on the development of the main game. There haven’t been any announcements regarding DLC of any kind. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if there will be DLC. Gearbox Software has a good track record with delivering downloadable content and they have helped other studios to properly release DLC as well.

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