Godfall’s Multiplayer Experience

Godfall Multiplayer
Godfall Multiplayer

Co-op from the ground up

Godfall features a co-operative multiplayer experience that lets you play the game with 2 friends. Because the game is designed with co-op in mind, the developers over at counterplay games wanted to ensure you that you can always play together. Because Godfall is a game with character progression they made it possible to play with mixed levels. So, if you are level 10 and your friend is level 20 for example, you can still match up and enjoy the game together.

Personally, I first got introduced to this scaling mechanic with Borderlands 3. Players can team up and the game takes care of the math behind the scenes. So, you will as a level 10 will face off against level 10 enemies and your level 20 friend will fight against level 20 enemies. This is such a great feature. I would have loved to have this in other games that I have played.

Team up

You can instantly jump into your friend’s game without needing to queue up and wait. Being able to ‘hot-join’ and have full access to your content is something the developers wanted to accomplish regardless of your character’s level. Counterplay Games wants you to have fun in a balanced way.

I haven’t seen any info about a matchmaking system or crossplay features that lets you queue up with other skilled players from around the world.

Multiplayer Content

You can cooperatively play through the story missions, go on hunt missions, or test your skills in the Tower of Trials.

Will Godfall have PvP?

No, Godfall doesn’t have a PvP mode. Well, at least there isn’t one announced at the moment. Godfall is a PvE 3 experience that you can play solo or up to 3 players.

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