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Godfall’s Tower of Trials 2.0 Rewards You with High Quality Loot

Godfall Tower of Trials 2.0

With the Primal Update, Counterplay Games enhanced the Tower of Trials. Version 2.0 aims to challenge you while being meaningful. The developers want to keep Godfall entertaining and reward you for investing your time into the game.

Tower of Trials 2.0

In the new Tower of Trials, you will encounter new rooms,  new enemies, and new boons. This will be your main source for the new Primal Items. These items will be 50% stronger than their non-primal counterparts, so definitely worth fighting for. But you will have a better experience overall when playing the Tower of Trials as you will encounter more higher rarity doors and the key rewards have been significantly increased. Check out the full feature list below.

Godfall Tower of Trials Banes
Godfall Tower of Trials Banes

Primal Items

  • Primary traits on Primal items are 50% stronger than their non-primal counterparts
  • Primal Items can only be found inside Locked Chests in the Ascended Tower of Trials
  • Primal Items have the following rarity drop rates:
    • Uncommon: 5%
    • Rare: 10%
    • Epic: 35%
    • Legendary: 50%
  • Items whose Primary Traits are not scalable do not have Primal versions

Example: Peacock Charm’s Primary Trait is “Blind nearby enemies whenever you use your Life Stone”; this trait has no value to multiply by 1.5.

Tower of Trials 2.0 Features

  • New Room Trials: Triple Control Point, Triple Leader, End Boss, and Mixed Tribe
  • Bane System: After every third trial, players must choose a Bane
    • Banes are negative effects that hinder all players in a party
    • Banes provide a loot bonus, increasing loot generated by enemies and chests
  • New Prime Enemies: Banes can add a new, challenging variant of enemy to encounters. These Prime enemies generally have a more powerful version of one of their key abilities, and drop additional loot when defeated.
  • New Tower of Trials Boons: Players can now be offered boons that interact directly with Tower of Trials mechanics
    • Example: “+5% damage for every 10 keys you’ve spent”
  • Boon Upgrade Rooms: Players can now upgrade their boons
  • Exclusive source of Primal Items
    • Primary traits on Primal items are 50% stronger than their non-primal counterparts
  • Key Rewards have been significantly increased
  • Higher rarity doors are more likely to spawn
  • The Ascended Tower of Trials now has 30 Trials (Previously 100)
  • Difficulty and Rewards now scale much more quickly as players ascend
  • The “Ascendant” trophy is now earned by completing Trial 20 (Previously 50)
    • The challenge of earning this trophy is roughly the same as before
  • Improved Boon UIs
  • Doors and chests now properly advertise their contents 100% of the time
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  1. The new level 20 trophy is glitched I got to trial 22 and the trophy never popped up which sticks cause its the last trophy I need


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