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Gold Status Evolve has been reached

Evolve Gold Status
Evolve Boxart

Evolve Boxart

Evolve game has gone gold !

Gold Status means that the game is finished and approved by the platform holders like Microsoft & Sony. Now the game is send of to be printed and being made ready to ship for it’s launch date. Evolve will be available on February 10th, 2015.

Now that the certification process has been finished the Evolve Team is preparing for the Open Beta.  With this data they collect the can for example tweak the online balance if needed. When all that is behind there backs Turtle Rock Studios will continue working on the upcoming downloadable content (dlc), the fourth playable monster. But for this special event the Evolve team have released the opening cinematic of Evolve.

Evolve Intro Cinematic

Congratz to Turtle Rock Studio & 2K Games for reaching Gold Status on Evolve

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