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Guardian Takedown Postponed – Borderlands 3

Guardian Takedown - Borderlands 3
Guardian Takedown - Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software and 2K Games statement on social media that the Takedown at the Guardian Breach for Borderlands 3 is postponed. They do this to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Borderlands social channels are also muted this week. Announcements will be done at a later date. Until the new content arrives the Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event will continue to remain live. So if you still need to prepare for the Guardian Takedown and need those legendary Cartel weapons you got some time.

Fine-Tuning Mayhem Mode

The content patch that would provide us with the Guardian Takedown would also include Mayhem Mode 2.1. On May 13th, 2020, Gearbox Software announced that they would fine-tune the new Mayhem Mode. Phase 1 would include the scaling of items, reduce the higher difficulty tiers, and add Mayhem Levels on the items cards.

  • Mayhem Level Scaling
    • health, armor, and shield stat bonuses will be lowered on higher difficulty settings.
  • Gear Scaling
    •  over- and underperforming gear will be tweaked so that more gear is viable and balanced.
  • Mayhem Level on Item Cards
    • The items Mayhem Level will be displayed on the item card in the area where the Anoints are shown.


This patch would also include a big quality-of-life change to the “fight for your life” state. Your movement will be reduced when you are being revived so you don’t move out of range. There will be a better indication of when you are being revived. Also, Reviving goes faster when multiple players help out.

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